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Active Beijing

Chaoyang Gymnasium
Liulitun Xikou, Chaoyang District
6501 1016

Olympic Sports Center
Asian Games Village
6491 2233

Courts can be rented at the Dongdan PE Centre. Located at 108 Chongwenmennei Daije, Dongcheng District (6512 9377).

Beijing Recreational Center
Asian Games Village
6499 3434

China World Hotel
1 Jianguomenwai Dajie

Holiday Inn Lido
Jichang Road Jiangtai Road

Longtanhu Climbing Centre
Located inside Longtanhu Park on the South East Ring Road at Chongwen District. (6718 6358).

Fengyuxe Ritan Climbing Wall
Located inside Ritan Park at 6 Ritan Beilu, Chaoyang District (8562 3820).

Bicycle hire shops are easily found. Beijing is a bicycle city, with cycle lanes throughout the capital. Major hotels also have bicycles available for rent.

 Fitness centres
Beijing Recreational Center
Asian Games Village (6499 3434)

Beijing Trend Station Beauty and Fitness Center
B3, TowerC, COFCO Plaza, 8, Jiannei Dajie (6562 0795)

The Grand Canal
Tongzhou (8958 3058)

Beijing Country Golf Club
(6940 1111)

International Club
(6974 6388)

Beijing International Golf Club
Changping County (6076 2288)

Huatang International Golf Club
Beijing Dongyanjiao Development Zone Beijing
(6159 3932)

Beijing Big Canal Golf Club
Hu Ge Zhuang, Tongzhou District (8958 3058)

Beijing International Golf Club
(6076 2288)

Beijing Rural Golf Club
(6940 1111)

North Star Golf Club
8 Beichendong Lu, Chaoyang District
(6491 0385)


Horse Racing
Beijing Horseman's Park
Beizang Village, Daxing County
6027 5019

Beijing Country Horse Racing Range
Mapo, Shunyi County

Horseback Riding
Beijing Green Equestrian Club
Jichangfu Lu, Chaoyang District (6457 7166)

Ice skating
Beijing’s lakes freeze during winter and ideal for ice skating.

Ditan Ice Arena
14A Hepingli Zhongjie, Dongcheng District (6429 1619).

New World Champion Skating Rink
Basement of New World Shopping Mall, Chingwen District (6708 9523).

Le Cool Ice Skating
China World Tower Two
1 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang (6505 3551)

Shangmei Ice Skating
Xidan Cultural Centre, Xicheng District (6603 0050).

Martial Arts
Yuanmingyuan Ruyi Martial Arts School
152 Yuan Ming Yuan Lu (6257 1596)

China North International Shooting Range
Lots of weapons to choose from and moving targets.

Nankou Town, Changping County
(6977 1368)

Olympic Sports Centre paintball Strike Range
1 Anding Lu, Chaoyang District (6492 1603).

Beijing Recreational Center
Asian Games Village (6499 3434)

Holiday Inn's Lido Club
6437 6688

Lufthansa Center
6465 3388

China World Hotel
6505 2266

Hilton Hotel
6466 2288

Movenpick Hotel
6456 5588

Ezone Club

Fangzhuang Sport Centre, Fengtai District (6742 5664).

New Trend Roller-skating World
54 Zhongguancun Nanlu, Haidian District (6218 4225).

There are several resorts outside Beijing.

Huaibei International Ski Resort
Located in Jiugukou at 548 Hefangkou Village, Huaibei Town, Huairou District (6966 1177)

Nanshan Ski Village
Shengshuitou Village, Henanzhai Town, Miyun County (6445 0991).

Shijinglong Ski Resort
Zhongyangfang Village, Zhangshanying Town, Yanqing County (6919 1614).

Beijing Twenty-First Century Hotel
40 Liangmaqiao Lu (6466 3311)

Huiyuan Mansion
Asian Games Village (6499 4847)

Olympic Sports Centre
1 Anding Lu, yayuncun, Chaoyang District (6491 0468).

Sino-Japanese Youth Exchange Center
40 Liangmaqiaolu (6466 3311)

Splash Recreation Club
A large outdoor and indoor pool, sand volleyball court, playground and poolside bar. Located at the Sino- Swiss Hotel, Xiaotianzhu, Shunyi District (6456 5588).

Tuanjiehu Pool
This pool has a wave pool. Located at 16 Tuajiehu Nanlu, Chaoyang District (8597 3603).

Xin'aote Yingdong Swimming Pool
Olympic Sports Center (6492 1601)

Beijing International Tennis Center
50 Tiantan Donglu (6711 3872)

Olympic Tennis Center
Asian Games Village (6491 2233)

Xiannongtan Tennis Center
Xian Nong Tan Stadium (6301 7744)

Beijing International Club
21 Jianguomenwai Dajie (6532 2046)

Sino-Japanese Youth Exchange Center
40 Liangmaqiao Lu (6466 3311)

Beijing Grand Canal Club
Hu Ge Zhuang, Tongzhou District (8958 2988)

Beijing International Club
Jianguomenwai (6500 3941)

Beijing Tennis Club
Xiannongtan (6317 5606)

Beijing International Centre
Tiantan Donglu (6714 2374)