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Beijing is in the north of China at the northern end of the North China Plain. Beijing spreads over nearly 17,000 square kilometers and a population approaching 15 million. Beijing is made up of 16 urban districts and 2 rural counties.

Beijing is the capital of China and the political centre of China. Beijing inner city is square in shape with the outer city being a rectangle and The Forbidden City in the centre. Central Beijing is made up of wide tree lined boulevards and highways with little alleyways running off. Parks and gardens are spread around the city.

Beijing history goes back over 700,000 years starting with the Peking man. Thirty-four emperors have lived in Beijing and meant that there are many palaces, tombs that that can be explored today.

Beijing is a modern 21st Century city and being prepared to show itself to the world with the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Skyscrapers, shopping malls and traffic contrast with “Old Beijing” with teahouses, Opera, local markets and street life. Beijing centre is dominated by the Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City.

Nighttime has plenty of possibilities with restaurants, Beijing Opera, acrobatics, martial concerts, bars and clubs.

The main attractions are Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Great Wall, Beihai Park, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Fragrant Hill, The Peking Man, Big Bell Temple, Ming Tombs, Lugou Bridge and Grand View Garden.